Defend your alloy wheels from kerb damage and save money on wheel repairs with Zalloys Wheel Protectors

Audi A5 with Zalloys Wheel Protectors in Silver

Tough Defence

Manufactured from specially toughened polymers and advanced adhesives, our wheel protectors are engineered to stand the test of time.

Quick To Fit

Easy to install yourself in just 15-30 minutes - with no need to remove your wheels or tyres. Or let our trained partners install for you.


Zalloys are manufactured to the highest standards, supported by a 1 Year Warranty. Buy yours online today and enjoy a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.


Our curved profile alloy protectors blend with your wheels to help keep you protected and preserve the original appearance of your vehicle.

Colour Match

Available in a range of stylish colours, you can match your wheel colour for a factory finish or choose a colour that compliments your car's paintwork.

Ride Protection

Our unique profile and patented design minimises interference with your tyres, so there is no adverse impact on vehicle handling.

Engineered for performance

zalloys wheel protector cross section

Manufactured for Protection

Gain extreme wheel protection without interfering with your tyres by fitting alloy wheel kerb protection. Zalloys are engineered to be 4mm thick at the centre - providing a barrier against kerb abrasion. It's thinner at the edge so it's not pushed off by the natural movement of the tyre as you drive.

clip for alloy wheel protector

Bespoke Fit

Our patented clip accommodates varying wheel sizes, we can provide high quality alloy wheel protection for  most wheels between 15" to 22". This bespoke design means our protectors are the perfect fit for your wheels, right out of the box without needing to cut to size.

colour selection for Zalloys Wheel Protectors

Stylish Design

At only 9mm wide, our unique alloy wheel protectors look sleek when fitted. High quality, colourfast pigments offer glossy finishes to compliment both your wheels and paintwork. Solid colour runs all the way through your wheel protectors, so it remains even after a run in with the kerb.

Colours match your wheels or paintwork for discreet protection

Rim protector in silver on Audi RS7 alloy wheel
Wheel protector on black alloy wheel of a McLaren 570

Our range of wheel protector colours

Common Questions on Wheel Protection

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