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Replacement Wheel Protector


Replacement single Zalloys Wheel Protector with clip, surface cleaner and our advanced instant adhesive.



Zalloys wheel protectors are highly durable and reliable, helping to save your wheels from unsightly kerb damage. Built to last with a one-year warranty (and 30-day money back guarantee when bought from our store), we’ve built a product that we love and are confident you will, too.


If you the need a replacement wheel protector, this comes complete with clip, surface cleaner and advanced instant adhesive for our highest level of protection.


All replacement wheel protectors come in a range of colours to match your vehicle – whether matching or complementing your bodywork and in a range of sizes from 15” to 22”.


About our Wheel Protectors

The versatile nature of our alloy wheel protectors ensures they are suitable for use on most cars and vans.


The unique curved profile ensures that all wheel protectors can be installed without looking out of place, interfering with the integrity of the tyre, or the handling of your car. Our product can be installed easily in as little as 15-30 minutes, without the need to remove tyres or seek professional assistance.


For discreet protection of your alloy wheels, look no further. If you have any questions, please click the help symbol to chat with us or get in touch.