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Alloy Wheel Protectors


Built to last using specially toughened polymers, Zalloys Wheel Protectors defend against kerb damage. Fit in as little as 30 minutes without removing the wheel or tyre.

Includes 4x protectors and clips with surface cleaning wipes, our advanced instant adhesives and easy to follow instructions.



Our patented alloy rim protectors are engineered for performance and are built to last, designed specifically to help protect your wheels from kerb damage as your first line of defence. Manufactured using only the highest quality toughened polymers and advanced automotive adhesives, our alloy wheel rim protectors ensure your wheels are kept pristine at all times.


As well as providing the highest level of protection against kerb damage while out and about, wheel rim protectors from Zalloys are available in a range of colours to match and complement your existing bodywork, ensuring they look as natural as possible in line with the original appearance of your car.


The unique curved profile of our alloy protectors means a tight fit to the wheel, without the need to remove the tyre or cut to size; in fact, they can be easily installed in as little as 15-30 mins. Once applied, our patented wheel protectors will not interfere with how the vehicle handles.


Our Alloy Wheel Protectors kit comes complete with protectors and clips for all four wheels, advanced instant adhesive, cleaning wipes and full instructions and are suitable for most alloy wheels, ranging in size from 15” to 22”.


We’re so confident that you won’t be disappointed in our product that we offer a one-year warranty, as well as a 30-day money back guarantee on all purchases made from our online store.


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